Budget Friendly Alternatives to Grace’s World

Hey all,

The excitement over the new GOTY Grace is still bubbling.  There has also been some disappointment in the prices for Grace’s world.  However, I’ve seen lots of fun and inexpensive alternatives to some of Grace’s items.  I thought I’d keep a list (and maybe update it periodically?) with all the different ideas I’ve seen.  In no particular order…

Alternative to Grace’s Dog Bonbon…$10 Gund teacup French bulldog on Amazon

Alternative to Grace’s bouquet in her “Welcome Gifts”…I saw these flowers in the Valentine aisle at Hobby Lobby so don’t delay

Video on how to make your own macarons

Free printable of bags and boxes similar to Grace’s bakery boxes

DIY tutorial for Grace’s bistro set

DIY Grace’s Bakery out of foam-board…and the Our Generation Diner

DIY tutorial for Grace’s meet boots

Video tutorial for a doll suitcase...using a plastic pencil box

Our Generation tea set with macarons

Our Generation luggage set…supposedly the back of the camera on this set has a picture of a doll in front of the Eiffel tower

Another Our Generation luggage set

Our Generation Baking Set

Mini Snow Globe with Eiffel Tower from Cost Plus…you can get them in store for $3.99 each

Alternative to Grace’s Pastry Cart…snack stand from Wal-Mart’s My Life As line


DIY Patisserie Apron

Free Printable Postcards for Grace

Free Printable Paris Bistro Menu

I think that is all I have for now.  I hope you enjoy these budget friendly ideas!


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